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Bashundhara Ad-din Medical College

Bashundhara Ad-din Medical College

The Bashundhara Ad-din Medical faculty (BAMC) field and hospital building ar set inside the premises of Bashundhara Riverview Project, South Keranigonj, Dhaka.

the educational building has been adequately equipped to accommodate Lecture galleries, Dissection hall, Laboratories and deposit. every department has been supplied with Computers and net facilities together with access to Scanner, transmission and alternative audio-visual aids


The College obtained-

Permission by the MOHFW, Government of Asian nation (Ref.: Sharok No. ShaPoKoMo/ChiShi-2/BeSoMeKo O DeKoHa-1/2008 (part-3)/ 595, Dated: 02.10.2013)

Affiliation by the University of national capital (Ref.: Sharok no. 1455/Ko: Po:, dated: 17.12.2014)

Recognition to the Asian nation Medical and Dental Council – BMCD (Ref.: BM&DC/13-D-2018/709, Dated: 20.09.2018)


The vision of the school is to shoot for to attain national and international recognition for its quality education and capability in developing graduate physicians with the essential data, ability and expertness to with success continue their service and pursue a career to serve the state higher through health promotion, unwellness bar, treatment and medical analysis.


The mission of the school is to engender quality physicians UN agency would contain essential data, ability and expertness as prescribed by the Asian nation Medical and Dental Council (BM & DC) and ar capable of fine practice with the habit of life-long learning, would possess the power to figure in several operating things and be future leaders of the national health care system, would assist in meeting the health care and analysis wants of the country.

Institutional Objectives

The college man students graduating from the Medical faculty should-

be competent in designation and management of common health issues, conterminous with her/his position as a member of the health team at the first, secondary or tertiary levels victimisation her/his clinical skills supported history, physical examination and relevant investigations.

be competent to observe preventive, curative and rehabilitative medication in relation to the normally encountered health issues.

be conversant in completely different therapeutic modalities and be assured with the administration of the “essential drugs” and their common aspect effects.

be ready to appreciate the social, psychological, cultural, economic Associate in Nursingd environmental factors moving health and develop an sympathetic and sensitive perspective in discharging skilled responsibilities.

possess the perspective for continuing self learning and seeking additional experience or following analysis in any chosen space of health care.

be conversant in basic factors, that ar essential for the implementation of the National Health Policy/ Programs together with sensible aspects of the subsequent :

– fruitful and kid health program.

– bar and management of communicable and non-communicable diseases.

– health promotion and behavior changes in unwellness management.

– environmental sanitation and temperature change.

– health in several work places.

acquire basic management skills within the space of human resources, materials and resource management associated with health supplying.

be ready to establish public health issues and learn to figure to resolve these by planning and instituting corrective steps and evaluating outcome of such measures.

be ready to work as a member of the health care team and acquire proficiency in communication ability.

be competent to figure in an exceedingly style of health care settings.

have personal characteristics and attitudes needed for vocation like personal integrity, sense of responsibility and responsibleness and skill to relate to and show concern for alternative people.

All efforts are created to equip the medical graduates getting the careful skills and competencies as prescribed by the Asian nation Medical & Dental Council (BM&DC) laws.

All students finishing the ultimate skilled MBBS Examination shall be needed to bear a annual situation program as prescribed by Asian nation Medical and Dental Council (BM&DC) at the connected Hospitals of the Medical faculties of Ad-din. The situation is required and a requirement for getting regular registration from BM&DC.

The coaching is meant specifically to develop necessary ability and perspective to wear down common health issues, to figure in hospitals and within the community.

This coaching are totally structured and strictly supervised. The trainees are entitled to acceptable subsistence allowances/ honorariums as per agreement.

 Course Offered

1st skilled examination (18 Months)




2nd skilled examination (12 Months)

–Community medication

–Forensic medication

3rd skilled examination (12 Months)

–Pharmacology & medicine



Final skilled examination (18 Months)

–Medicine and Allied Subjects

–Surgery and Allied Subjects

–Gynaecology and midwifery


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