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Ad-din Sakina Medical College Fee

Ad-din Sakina Medical College Fee



Students of Ad-Din Sakina Medical College get ample opportunities to participate in varieties of cultural activities. The college Co-curricular activities are paced in such a way as to allow students to develop their cultural talents, publish wall magazines, perform music, dance, debate, etc. The excellent facilities at the auditorium and gallery offer opportunities for such activities. The exceptional facilities offer students a large stage to build their interactive, organizational, and cultural strengths through events and shows.


All students are required to abide by the rules and regulations of the college. Non-adherence to these rules and regulations will render the student liable to disciplinary action, which may range from issuing a warning to expulsion from the College.

Students are forbidden to organize any union, association, or society other than those set up by the college authority in order to enrich their physical, intellectual, and ethical development.

Moral Values

Students are required to follow the moral codes and attend moral classes.

Regular prayers, as prescribed in the religion, are encouraged for every Muslim student.

Communication with Guardians

Constructive advice from the parents on College affairs is welcomed. Parents are informed regularly about their daughters’ academic performance and class attendance. They are also invited to put forward suggestions to improve the performance of the students.


Students are required to follow the dress code specified by the college authority.



From 8: AM to 5:00 PM; Saturday to Thursday.




1st Professional Exam (18 Months)




2nd Professional Exam (12 Months)

–Community Medicine

–Forensic Medicine

3rd Professional Exam (12 Months)

–Pharmacology & Therapeutics



Final Professional Exam (18 Months)

–Medicine and Allied Subjects

–Surgery and Allied Subjects

–Gynecology and Obstetrics



The students who want to seek admission to Ad-Din Sakina Medical College Bangladesh in the upcoming session i.e. 2021 must check the college website regularly and go through the last year’s cut-off, to get the idea.

The candidate must have completed 17 years of schooling by the 31st July of the admission year and must have cleared their examination with at least 50% of marks in the following main subjects:




Those who’ve scored more than 50% in their examination, can also apply for the direct admission quota.

Students are required to appear in the interview for the selection procedure.


Ad-Din Sakina Medical College Jessore is one of the most prominent and successful colleges in Bangladesh. The few structures of Ad-Din Sakina Medical College have been so devised as to not fall too heavily on the pockets of those who want to take admission in the institution.


Transfer from these four Medical colleges to any other private medical college is valid.

All students are to attend classes in the prescribed uniform as specified by the College authority.

All students are to carry their identity cards when they are within the College and Hospital premises.

Attendance of 75% is mandatory for being eligible to appear in College and University examinations. Attendance will be evaluated quarterly. If any student attends less than 75% of the classes in a quarter, she shall have to pay a fine of Tk. 10,000.00 unless there are explanatory circumstances. Moreover, she will not be allowed to sit for any periodic examinations.

Students found absent from classes for a continuous period of one month without satisfactory reason or prior permission shall lose college studentship.  Such a student may gain re-admission by paying a fee of Taka 25,000.00.

Absence from classes individually or in group or end-masse without prior information or without valid reasons is a punishable offense by the imposition of a daily fine of Tk. 500.00 individually.

Putting up posters on the walls of the college premises is prohibited.

Closing of College and Hospital gates or doors and creating obstacles to the normal functioning of the College or the Hospital are acts of gross indiscipline where students involved in such acts are liable to be expelled from the College.

All types of demonstration, procession, shouting in the College and Hospital premises are prohibited, and students involved are liable to be expelled from the College.

Students state their problems, grief, as a, and inconvenience to their designated advisor or guide teacher. The advisor or guide teacher solves the problems of the students or refers them to the Principal. Statements of the problems, grievances, and inconveniences by the students must be in an orderly and disciplined manner. Any act of indiscipline on the part of any student including violence, usage of abusive or objectionable language, or creating an unpleasant situation in the college campus will make the students liable to be punished by expulsion from the College.

Release of a student for admission into an out. The medical college will be entertained following replacement of a student of a medical college under the same university or, payment of charges and tuition fees of remaining years of the course to the college as compensation.

Every student shall provide for her/himself all the prescription textbooks, dissecting instruments, medical equipment, etc. The college will not supply these to the students.

Cost of loss, damage to college/ hospital property is liable to be realized from the student found responsible for the loss/ damage.

All payments including course fees, session charges, tuition fees, etc. are non-refundable.

The college authority will not take responsibility for the students’ residential accommodation and transport, however, available seats in the hostel will be allocated first come first serve basis.

Smoking is not permitted anywhere within the College and Hospital premises.

Those who are found involved in anti-social activities or violation of college discipline are liable to be punished up to expulsion from the college.


The undergraduate students graduating from the Medical College should-

Be competent in diagnosis and management of common health problems, commensurate with her/his position as a member of the health team at the primary, secondary or tertiary levels using her/his clinical skills based on history, physical examination, and relevant investigations.

Be competent to practice preventive, curative, and rehabilitative medicine in respect to the commonly encountered health problems.

Be familiar with different therapeutic modalities and be confident with the administration of the “essential drugs” and their common side effects.

Be able to appreciate the social, psychological, cultural, economic, and environmental factors affecting health and develop an empathetic and sensitive attitude in discharging professional responsibilities.

Possess the attitude for continued self-learning and seeking further expertise or pursuing research in any chosen area of health care.

Be familiar with basic factors, which are essential for the implementation of the National Health Policy/ Programs including practical aspects of the following:

– Reproductive and child health program.

– Prevention and control of communicable and non-communicable diseases.

– Health promotion and behavior changes in disease control.

– Environmental sanitation and climate change.

– Health in different workplaces.

Acquire basic management skills in the area of human resources, materials, and resource management related to health care delivery.

Be able to identify public health problems and learn to work to resolve these by designing and instituting corrective steps and evaluating the outcome of such measures.

Be able to work as a member of the health care team and acquire proficiency in communication skills.

Be competent to work in a variety of health care settings.

Have personal characteristics and attitudes required for professional life such as personal integrity, sense of responsibility and reliability, and ability to relate to and show concern for other individuals.

All efforts will be made to equip the medical graduates to acquire the detailed skills and competencies as prescribed by the Bangladesh Medical & Dental Council (BM&DC) Regulations.



All students completing the final Professional MBBS Examination shall be required to undergo a one-year internship program as prescribed by the Bangladesh Medical and Dental Council (BM&DC) at the attached Hospitals of the Medical Colleges of Ad-Din. The internship is compulsory and a prerequisite for obtaining regular registration from BM&DC. The training is designed specifically to develop the necessary skill and attitudes to deal with common health problems, to work in hospitals and in the community. This training will be fully structured and rigorously supervised. The trainees will be entitled to appropriate subsistence allowances/ honorariums as per agreement.



Teachers are responsible for

Following the principles of good professional practice and ethics and being a role model for the students.

Developing the skills to be a competent teacher and guide to the students whom they are teaching.

Supervising the progress of students’ learning and taking an active part in a mentorship program to help the students learn the skills and achieve competence while ensuring the safety of the patient.

Assessing the students’ performance objectively and constructively so as to improve their knowledge and skills.

Pursuing matters related to teaching which are of paramount importance for the clinical teachers and carrying out practices that are learner-friendly and non-compromising to patient’s safety.



Students are responsible for

Attending all teaching sessions, completing all assignments given by the faculty and maintaining academic discipline, and being punctual.

Executing their own learning and achieving the objectives set by the Bangladesh Medical and Dental Council (BMDC).

Ensuring the patients’ safety by working within the limits of their respective competencies.

Maintaining a cordial relationship with peers, hospital employees engaged in inpatient service and the community at large.

Engaging in continuous self-improvement based on the systematic evaluation of their learning by the teachers, accepting positive criticism, and mitigating self-deficiencies with the assistance of their teachers/mentors


Direct Descendant of Freedom Fighter

Two percent seats are reserved for the direct descendants of Freedom Fighter as per Government criteria. For this seat(s) attested photocopy of the certificate of father/mother/ grandfather/grandmother in favor of her/his participation in the Liberation War signed by the Secretary and the honorable Minister/State Minister of the Ministry of Liberation War Affairs or the certificate countersigned by the then honorable Prime Minister during 1997 to 2001.

Students from an underprivileged background

Five percent of seats are reserved under the poor and merit quota. Candidates in this quota are being selected following the criteria set by the DGHS. They are placed under a separate merit list and cannot be transferred to the general list or vice versa. A selection committee formed by the Governing Body of the College will finalize the selection of these candidates. The selected candidates will pay fees following the guidelines of the DGHS. Students under this quota are required to serve the Hospitals of Ad-Din for 2 years as paid Medical officers after their graduation and internship.


The candidates and their parents or legal guardians are required to sign bonds on non-judicial stamps accepting the terms and conditions of the course, conduct, and discipline before admission to the college.

Student Advisor

Each student is assigned with an advisor from among their teachers. The advisor is responsible for providing general guidance and support to the student throughout the course.




The vision of the College is to aspire to achieve national and international recognition for its quality education and capability in developing graduate physicians with the essential knowledge, skill, and professionalism to successfully continue their service and pursue a career to serve the nation better through health promotion, disease prevention, treatment, and medical research.


The mission of the College is to engender quality physicians who would contain essential knowledge, skill, and professionalism as prescribed by the Bangladesh Medical and Dental Council (BM & DC) and are capable of good medical practice with the habit of life-long learning, would possess the ability to work in different working situations and be future leaders of the national health care system, would assist in meeting the health care and research needs of the country.



Studying MBBS in Bangladesh is a great option for the medical aspirants since its institutions have unselfish regard for the well-being of others which is essential to engendering trust. The faculties are highly qualified and provide the best medical resources and services. They also work actively to eliminate discrimination in health care, as well as barriers to health. There are many other reasons that include among the advantages of studying MBBS in Bangladesh. MCI approved MBBS Degree in Bangladesh and the degree is provided by Government University. The institutions follow the same Indian Medical Council (MCI) Syllabus with the Same Indian Author books and Journals followed in full 5 years of the MBBS program. MCI Screening Test FMGE pass-out rate is very high. Moreover, it has the same tropical climates as India. Since it is not possible for every student to wear the high donation or tuition fee charges, studying MBBS in Bangladesh can be a great relief to the students who are aspiring to opt for MBBS in abroad.

MBBS in Bangladesh is a very wise decision to make and the students can easily avail the facilities that the medical institutions of the country offer and that too at affordable costs. The problem of language barrier does not exist because English is used as the medium of instruction in the campus of the medical institutions which is good for avoiding any sort of language barriers. The private medical colleges and universities are well equipped with all modern amenities with a good infrastructure to facilitate the students.


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